Sunday, January 5, 2014

My 1st Speed Dating Experience (Not really?)

Last Saturday, January 4, I got the chance to join Peekawoo’s Sunset Roofdeck Party. This is the first event I covered for this year. It was held at The Beacon Tower in Makati City. The venue is perfect for a sunset party. You can really see the beautiful sunset and the Makati City at night.

Peekawoo is a speed dating website, chat roulette and game all in one. This is a website made by girls where girls can feel safe to chat with guys across the globe.

To know more about Peekawoo, you can read my blog post here.

The event started with some pica-pica (I think the organizers love spicy foods) and drinks. Sad to say, there is no BBQs. LOL. I was able to chat with some of the guests and asked them why they joined the mixer. Some said that a friend asked them to do so, some joined because of curiosity and some are there because they are friends of the organizers.

The program started at around 7 pm (which is so late compared to what they announced in the website). The girls were gathered in a certain area.

Ms. Kassy asked the girls to pick three cards. Each card contains a question. Those cards will be our guide in starting a conversation with the guys.

Here’s what I got:

So unlike the usual speed dating, girls are the ones who move on rounds to meet the guys seated on the carpet (I ‘m not sure if it’s a carpet). For me, as a girl, I don’t want this kind of set-up. I’m shy to be the one who will go and start a conversation with a guy. Just an opinion.

At first, I am hesitant to join the speed dating; I just want to cover the event. FYI, this is my first speed dating event ever! But as what the girls I met there say, I must join and have the first hand experience. So that’s it, I tried to talk to a guy. But I’m somewhat disappointed because he’s drunk to talk with me. Haha. Good thing I got a phone call, so I bid goodbye and left him. Haha, meanie. And I stopped doing my round.

Since I failed to have my own experience, I just interviewed the girls there.

One said that it’s fun talking with the drunken guys (which I don’t enjoy), one feel the same way as I am.

Overall, I still enjoy the event. I gained new friends. I was able to chat with other people and learned a lot from them. I saw a cute guy, but wasn’t able to talk with him, maybe in the next Peekawoo event?

I know it is difficult to organize this event but I still look forward to a more organized one. :)

To those who failed to attend this event, but would love to, to those who love to talk with strangers, and to those who want to try speed dating, you can check Peekawoo for further events. I saw in their site that they’re cooking’ something this February, a Spark’s Fair. Let's see if there's a spark in there! :)

But if you feel shy to join an actual speed dating, you can try the Peekawoo app and date virtually. :D

Thank you Rejj of Instax Your Event for letting me borrow some of your photos.

Have some fun with photos, let instax cover your event!
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  1. Thank you Dovi. :)

  2. Hi Dovi

    You're such a darling! You're a doll! Thank you for dropping by and for making this as your very first event to cover. It certainly was an intimate laid-back roof deck mixer but we're privileged to have you be one with us. GIRL POWER! :-)

    Don't worry, we'll be having the real thing (speed dating) soon. This was just your warm up. HAHA! You up for it? :)

    Oooh who was that guy that you fancy? Hopefully we'll be able to introduce him to you, too.

    Thank you, Dovi!

  3. I think it is so awesome that you tried this out! I am married, so I obviously wouldn't be a good candidate for something like this, but I think it still looks like something that would have been fun back during my single days! And who cares if you didn't find the perfect match if it was still an enjoyable experience? :)

  4. it looks like so much fun.... if I were you, I'll very nervous .lol

    Gig Love

    Love, Leonita

  5. The event looks a little odd, sitting on beach towels on the terrace of a restaurant. But i totally applaud you for going to a speed dating event, I would never be as brave as you !

  6. The setup is a little weird, I would definitely feel self-concious! Also, drunken guys would totally turn me off. Are they there for serious or just messing around? :\

  7. Congrats on your first speed dating event. You should have joined me when it was my turn!

  8. Thanks again! :)

  9. Yes! Yes! Haha. I have a month to gain the courage I need for a speed dating. LOL
    The guy? Secret! Hahaha. Looking forward to met him again :D

  10. Agree! At least, I had fun and gained new friends. :)

  11. I feel nervous! That's why I didn't talk with the guys! Haha

  12. True! But they're are preppin' for a much better speed dating. :)

  13. Messing around.... and just for fun!

  14. I'm not chosen eh! Haha

  15. I always wondered how speed dating goes! How interesting/cool! Congratulations on your experience! The "carpet" was very peculiar! Lol

  16. I am not a big fun of speed dating! Is it still fashionable? But the view must have been wonderful! giglove

  17. I have a friend who tried speed dating just for kicks. I don't think I'll do it, though. Except maybe if I was asked to cover it too. In other countries, I think speed dating is old news na but here in PH we are just warming up to the idea of it. I wonder kung merong mga nagkatuluyan. Haha! :)

  18. I didn't think speed dating was still a thing, to be honest. Haha. It's not my kind of scene though - I don't like the idea of it in general, especially since it feels like a pressure situation with it being timed and all.

  19. Speed date? Def not my cup of tea also not common in my country. But sounds fun though :-D

  20. hahaha....really interesting article! though it's in my interest list, your article was very fun to read :) glad that you made new friends :) there is always a bright side :)))

  21. I was always wondering about speed dating... have so many mix feeling about it.

  22. I always wondered how it actually feels like. personally , I never got a chance to experience it. But, I would definitely love to haha. As a matter of fact, even I don't like drunken guys. I can't make out half of what they speak LOL.

  23. aww ive never tried speed dating before, and I cant now, since my fiancee would kill me, LOL, but it looks like fun! =)