Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review: I Wish They Thought Money In High School

Why is personal finance not taught in high school when in fact it is important in our everyday lives?

Expenses exceeding your salaries?

Some questions asked by people who doesn’t know how to handle their money properly. I was like that before, I felt that my allowance is not enough. But when I started college, I changed. Maybe because I am an Accountancy student and we talk about, debit, credit and cash. I somehow developed my thriftiness. I started my own online shop, started blogging (and sometimes got paid with it), and I am planning to invest in the stock market, but for now, I am contented with my piggy bank who I called Amor. Gee! I can proudly say that I have an idea in handling my money properly.

But there are people who are struggling in budgeting their money. And since money is not taught in high school, Clarissa de la Paz and Sharon Que wrote the book, I Wish They Taught Money In High School, to help us in the proper handling of our money.

They book is divided into two parts:

So I’m Not Dependent On My Paycheck

This part is for the employees. Most employees had already allotted their salary even though they haven’t received their paycheck. Clarissa de la Paz suggested that every employee should learn to invest their excess income wisely. So that whatever happens to your job, you still have something in your bank account or better, you still have an investment. And those investments might provide you the financial stability that everyone wants. Also, the author provided some tips in improving your finances. She gave tips on where to invest our passive income.

I am not dependent on my paycheck, not because I am rich, NO; it is because I don’t have a paycheck. I am still a student and dependent on my parents. Haha. But still, I can say that I am aware with this situation, an employee who only have their salaries as their source of income. Being an Accountancy student, we were taught about finance and financial management, and some principles there are applicable to personal finance. And just like what the author suggested, it is wise to invest money in stock markets.

So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away

This part is for the entrepreneurs. Sharon Que set some guidelines in setting up a business, from starting from scratch to growing it. She explained why we should take the risk in setting up a business. She somewhat provided a step-by-step procedure on how to start a business and some tips on how to make it successful. Starting a business is difficult, it will consume much of your time and money. But in this book, she shared some reason why it is smart to start a business at an early age. She also emphasized the importance of saving. Me, I am proud that I have my piggy bank! Haha. So I’m encouraging you to buy piggy banks too! Haha. Or you can open a bank account and put your savings there. After some years, you can start your own business with your savings.

The book is really helpful to everyone. The authors explained everything in the simplest way possible. I’m sure that you will understand the book even if you don’t have enough knowledge in finance or businesses. Plus the book itself is not boring to read. It has cute illustrations too. Thanks to for making the book more reader-friendly.

This book will surely develop your budgeting skills! Financial freedom!

About the Authors

Cla and Sharon, who fondly call each other Cla and Sha, met at a 90-day goal-setting seminar called Starshooters. Sha was already a head coach when Cla registered, and as fate would have it, Cla was assigned to Sha’s team. Their mentorship very quickly turned into friendship, as their common interests didn’t end with money talk. This, however, was still their greatest affinity, as both of them advocated financial education and money consciousness. They began by facilitating workshops to family and friends, and eventually expanded to holding bigger sessions for corporate employees. To share their money formulas and magic tricks with a larger audience, they decided to write a book about it. They want to spread the wealth of their knowledge to increase the potential wealth of all Filipinos, and their country.

Cla has been an employee for roughly ten years, and currently enjoys her exciting job in advertising industry.

Sharon has been living, learning, and juggling businesses with her family and friends since she was ten years old.

Both women are in the middle of their money journeys, but have been seeing their dreams come true, and have been living them each and every day. They only hope that everyone can enjoy the same fulfillment.

I Wish They Thought Money In High School is now available at:

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