Blog Services

This blog is open for collaborations, product reviews, endorsements and sponsorship.

Blog Services:

1. Product Review
  • The client should provide their product to be reviewed.
2. Giveaway
  • Giveaways could be exclusive or in collaboration with other bloggers or shops.
  • It's either the client or the winner will shoulder the shipping fee.
  • We will use the Rafflecopter widget.
  • Giveaways will be promoted in our blog's Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well us in our personal accounts.
  • Sponsors may choose what mechanics they prefer.
3. Shop Feature
  • The client should provide the necessary materials for the post. (photos, link, etc.).
  • The client may or may not provide a sample product that would be included in the blog post.


For inquiries, please check this.

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