Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year Giveaway: #FreeWeekAtCurves

Start the year right, start getting fit!

As I have promised, here's a giveaway from Curves Eastwood!
Have you read my post about Curves? If no, read it first here. You will gain 100 pounds if you didn’t, hahaha, just kidding!

“Forget ‘hours’ at the gym….. just 30 minutes does the trick!”

Forget working out two hours a day, just 30 minutes, three times a week, is all that is needed for women to become fit and strong.

Two blog readers will be given a chance to use the facility and programs of Curves Eastwood for one week. This includes the Curves Circuit Training, Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness classes and Nutritional Counselling.

Who can join?

All female blog readers of Amour Pour Cadeaux.
Male blog readers can also join, they can give the prize to their mom, girlfriend, sister or to whoever they want, just keep in mind that only girls can do the training at Curves.
Curves does not have a minimum age limit, so there’s no age limit in this giveaway, however, if a minor won in this giveaway, there must be an approval from her parents and medical provider.

To join, just follow the rafflecopter widget below:


The winner must be able and willing to undergo training and nutritional counselling at Curves Eastwood at the agreed time and day.
She must be willing to provide her name and contact information to APC and Curves Eastwood.
Deadline of entries is on January , 2013.

Goodluck, ladies!


Curves Eastwood
4th Floor Eastwood City Walk 2
Eastwood City Cyberpark
Quezon City
5849841 / 09177377835 / 09212093322


  1. That would be perfect for me. I

  2. I want to be remain healthy and exercise is an important component in being healthy. This is a great giveaway and I hope I win ( :

  3. i'd like to tone down my tummy.

  4. same reason why i'm working out at curves. wish you luck!

  5. also, curves offers a nutritional counselling, they make sure that the members are all healthy.

  6. a 30 min workout at curves will help you burn 500 calories, so i guess this #FreeWeekAtCurves will somewhat help you :)