Monday, July 22, 2013

Want a FREE Hair Makeover?

I assume you really really want to have a free makeover, that's why you read this. Hmm.
But before sharing to you a giveaway, I want to share first my experience.

CYNOS ( Cycle Natural Original System ) Inside Hair Care is the newest professional hair care products in the market today. They are the one who supplies hair treatments to salons. They also sell over-the-counter products.

I have a dry and frizzy hair that I need to undergo rebonding every year. :(((

This year, I found out that Cynos have a giveaway.
Yes, they're giving their dearest followers a chance to have a hair makeover to be done by one of the staffs in their Technical Team.

So here are the photos of my day with them: 
Featuring the "Haggard Me"

Hello? I'm from Marikina and their office is in ParaƱaque!
Who will not be wasted with the long trip? Haha. Excuses.

And the rebonding proces.....

Hair.............. check!!!
Time for make-up!!!!

Thanks to Ms. Pia of the Technical Team for the hair and make-up
and to Ms. Liezel for the photos.

You? Do you also want to experience the magic of Cynos?

Which of these do you love to have?

Vertu Rebond
Just like what I had

Nano Digiperm

I love to have this but my hair is short :(((

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment
If you want to have a good hair-day :)

Or do you have the confidence to represent Cynos and be their model?

Join now and let's all have a fabulous hair!!!

Don't forget to like them on Facebook!

P.S. If you saw Cynos styling products in a certain store, please tell me. I was supposed to buy some of their products but I forgot. Tsssss.


  1. Wow this is nice! :)
    feel free to visit and follow my blog :)

    1. thank you! join in their giveaway, you might as well win. :)