Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No More Dark Skin with Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub! + GIVEAWAY by The Bargain Doll

Like other girls, I have dark skin areas that make me feel insecure. Despite my relentless efforts to whiten my knee and elbow area, I always end up with frustrating results. Eventhough spas offer body scrub services, I still haven't considered getting one because of its high cost.
Good thing UNILAB has launched an affordable alternative for ladies (and even gentlemen) to achieve a whiter and smoother skin  -- The Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub with Vitamin E. Costing only P130, this 135g has a lot of minute particles that will make any skin smoother and fairer after just one application.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub comes in THREE VARIANTS: 
Green Tea & Vitamin E
Licorice & Mulberry
Seaweed & Vitamin E

It was Licorice and Mulberry Leaf Extract that I've tried among the three variants. I love it after one use because:
First, the particles are really small that it gently rubs the skin and removes impurities. The Mulberry variant has a pleasant scent thats so relaxing when applied. After applying on skin, I've noticed that my skin became softer and smoother.
The good thing about this product is it can be applied on dry or wet skin. Whenever I want to focus on a certain part of my body (especially knees and elbows), I apply it on dry skin to further exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. When I want to achieve that full body scrub feeling, I use it during bath times and ideally 3-4x a week to achieve the full result.
I immediately noticed that my skin got lighter after one application! Moreover, after washing with Asian Secrets, I put on my favorite lotion all over my body and I noticed that my skin absorbed the lotion much better.
Since this scrub was traditionally intended for bride-to-be's, Asian Secrets is now my perfect partner to  prepare me for my big day. Aside from making the skin fairer and smoother, Asian Secrets removes dead skin cells, and the vitamin E adds extra skin protection and nourishment. I therfore give this product a HIGH VERDICT for its value for money (P135 for the tube that will last for months) and its benefits to the skin.

Wait! Because Asian Secrets wants The Bargain Doll readers to have head to toe puti (like Solenn Heusaff), they are giving away 5 Asian Secrets gift packs!

5 Readers will get a bottle of EACH Asian Secrets Variant (Green Tea, Seaweed, Licorice&Mulberry) by just simply filling up the rafflecopter form below:

For more information, visit Asian Secret's websites:

Happy joining! Hope you like my review

Much Love, TBD

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