Monday, May 19, 2014

Lost and Found

The Ateneo Blue Repertory prides itself with the recognition of being the country’s most prestigious college musical theater organization to date. It is an organization composed of the youth and our productions  are catered to the youth. Every year, they offer a line-up of entertaining musicals, all professionally executed to cater to the increasing demand for quality theater shows in the Philippines.

These are just some of their acclaimed and well-known plays:

If you'll remember, I shared to you one of their musical last February, it's Toilet: The Musical. So sad that I wasn't able to watch it because of my so busy schedule in school, but I heard very good feedbacks from my high school friends who watched it.

The theme for blueREP’s 23rd season is Lost and Found. Although our shows tackle a wide range of issues and conflicts, they are all linked by our central theme for this season: Lost and Found. From a bunch of kids discovering their identities, to noble knights searching for The Holy Grail, to a community of people finding home, this season places emphasis on success and the failures that temper them.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is about six quirky students who are set on winning the titular competition. The Bee plays in real time, with guest spellers from the audience getting the opportunity to compete onstage alongside the actors. With music and lyrics by William Finn and a book by Rachel Sheinkin, this musical comedy deals with competition, ambition, and the difficulties of growing up.

Catch blueREP’s season premiere from July 16 - August 2 at Gonzaga Fine Arts Theatre.

Based on Monty Python’s Spamalot, Some Knights is a humorous take on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In the musical, the knights are tasked by God himself to find the missing Holy Grail. Along the way they are met by hilarious obstacles, impossible challenges, and outrageous characters. With a riotous score and book by Eric Idle, this irreverent tribute to British history and the Broadway musical will inspire audience members to sing, dance, and always look on the bright side of life.
Some Knights will be running from September 17-27 at Rizal Mini Theater.

In The Heights explores life in the small, Latin-American community of Washington Heights at the tip of Manhattan Island. Led by bodega-owner, Usnavi, the neighborhood is home to many diverse characters. Together, they go through the many triumphs and trials that life brings them, from losing loved ones to winning the lottery. With a revolutionary score by Lin Manuel-Miranda that successfully fuses hip-hop, and Latin music with the Broadway sound, In The Heights is about community, family, and what home means to all of us.

End the season with blueREP on February 4-21 at Rizal Mini Theatre.

For stage play enthusiasts, these are just some of the musical that you can watch.

For more information, you can check their official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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