Friday, November 29, 2013

The Music of the Night

I'm so sorry, this is a super duper ultra mega late post :(

My CD-ROM is not working so I need to ask my friend to copy the files from the cd to my flashdrive. #bloggerproblems

Oh well, back to work, as I have said in our fb page, last September 8, I got invited for The Angelos Bloggers Appreciation Night. It was held at No Other Bar in Metrowalk.

The place is very cozy, relaxing. It's different from what Metrowalk should be.
I would recommend the place for people who want a night of relaxation with friends.

From left to right: George S. Tagle, Louie Abaigar, Paolo Libiran.

The Angelos 

Honestly, I was not really familiar with the group so I searched them the internet
and found out they are popular in other countries, they are even recognized as the Asia's answer to Il Divo.

I love classical music, I'm a fan of operas, especially The Phantom Of The Opera.
You want me to sing my fave song there?
Oh no, hahaha, I don't want Yolanda to go back. Geez!
I should ask The Angelos first to teach me how to sing. :D

The Angelos is a classical-pop tenor group composed of young, vibrant and good-looking Filipino artists.
The three guys are all expert in music. I think they all have formal education in music.

George Sison-Tagle is the one who started the group way back in 2007. Then there was an audition and he met John Louie Abaigar, a contract talent of GMA 7 for 3 years,
and Rei Paolo Libiran, a voice major in Conservatory of Music (CEU).

"The Angelos have been travelling and performing all over the world (with standing ovations) and have awed their audience with their “music from the heart”, their repertoire consist of 6 different languages ( Filipino, English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Malay), genres that cross-over from pop/rock to classical. Some of their notable performances include the 77th birthday concert for former US President Jimmy Carter, guest performer at the concert of Lani Misalucha in Las Vegas, back-to-back concerts with world-renowned pianist David Osborne, front act for singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop in San Francisco,Texas (Mc Allen,Houston, Dallas), at the World Expo, at the 10th anniversary of Macau, two concerts in the River Rock Show Theater in Vancouver, Canada, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia, Singapore-Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Hong Kong Eton Group & Dragon Center, and many others."

Classical music may be boring to some but you will really see the quality of the singer's voice.
Classical music is highly appreciated in other countries.
It's the highest genre, maybe?

The Angelos want to promote the classical music in the Philippines.
What I like about this group is that they are able to transform RnB songs to a classical one.
And it is even more beautiful that the original.
(That's only my opinion.)

Whenever they sing in the event, I can feel goosebumps.
I don't know how and where did they get the high notes.
They really amaze me. :)

Signed album! :)

A photo with George and Paolo.
I failed to have a photo taken with Louie. :(
The Angelos Bloggers Appreciation Night is indeed a very FUN night FULL OF MUSIC.
I enjoyed it a lot. Plus I gained friends from the blogosphere. :)

The Angelos Album Launch

To know more about The Angelos, their gigs and tours,
you can check their website at

For bookings, contact Ms. Charo Garcia-Yu.
0917-8940388 / 0922-8988138
(02) 215-3198

The Angelos' Mula Sa Puso Music Video

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  1. wow that's really awesome :D xoxo giglove

  2. I've heard their songs before! =) theyre amazing!

  3. nice blog! i love your layout. simple yet pretty!

  4. Looks like you had a great time. I've never really listened to classical music, but they sound good. gig

  5. Wow!!! They sound fantastic!!! What a great night :)



  6. It seems like you had a blast and I can totally agree about classical music, although not everyone's cuppa, it's one of those genres that really tells you what the singers range of voice have. xx Donah GiG

  7. Marisa (Polish Obsession)December 3, 2013 at 2:29 AM

    Wow!! Looks like such a fun night. I've never heard of this group, I'll have to give them a listen. GIGLOVE

  8. cute pics for a good night out. I love when the night turns great and I'm going to remember it for years.

  9. Seems like a lot of fun! The ambiance looks really cozy and relaxing.. :)

  10. I love attending to events with performances! looks like a fun night :)

  11. I don't live near Metrowalk so I never heard of this place, but it seems like a nice resto to chill in :)