Friday, November 15, 2013

Qizia Cafe @ Marikina City

Last, October 28, my girl friends and I celebrated Blaine's birthday.
We can't decide where to eat, we were all craving for Italaian foods, pizza and pasta!!!!
So they both suggested to try Qizia Cafe,
since we all reside at Marikina City.

It is located at SSS Village, where I live, but I am not really familiar with this place.


Bolognese - P 120.00

Creamy Cheese - P 125.00

Grilled Chicken Pizza - P 155.00


Blueberry Cheesecake - P 120.00

Banana Caramel Pie - P 110.00

Everything looks so yummy?
Yes, they are!

With my girl friends, Nikki and Blaine. :)
Affordable. If you are a pizza and pasta lover but has a tight budget, well, I recommend this.
Large serving. Who doesn't want to enjoy a large serving of your favorite Italian foods?
The foods are all delicious. For a vegetable-hater like me, I really enjoyed the pasta eventhough they contain veggies.
I really really love the desserts! Oh so yummy!

Slow service. They served the dessert first before the pizza and it took almost 30 mins. before they gave the pizza.
No WIFI. I really love sharing everything I do on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry about that. Hahaha.
Common CR. I prefer restaurants that have separate comfort rooms for the guys and girls.
The ambiance isn't very good compared to other Italian restaurants and cafe.
No one welcomed us. No one told us how their system goes. So we just grabbed the menu at the counter


Try dining at Qizia Cafe and share your experience below!

Qizia Cafe is located at the SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Extension Corner Pio del Pilar Street, Concepcion II in Marikina City. For reservations, call (02)489-0760.

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