Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Casual Rocker Chic

Last Sept. 5, I attended the launch of Master Chef's 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge at SM Hypermarket Cubao. It was such a rush 'cause my co-blogger, Dovi, was the one who is supposed to come but unfortunately she can't that's why I volunteered to attend instead. I'm actually living away from home right now so I just picked out my outfit out of the clothes I have brought with me. Haha!

What I love about this outfit is that it is so comfortable and it just represents my personality: SIMPLE YET EDGY.

Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Instagram online shop
Hidden Wedge Shoes - S&H
Bag - Lacoste
Watch - Casio
Accessories - random online shops and gifts :)


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