Monday, January 21, 2013

First Attempt: Hello Blogging!

"Great things start from small beginnings..."

We're here at our school library, currently stuck on what to write about on our first blog post.

Btw, the name is Sam and Dovi. Blog newbies.

SAM :)

Just like any other blogs, we'll start by giving a brief background on what urged us to do this blog.


We love freebies! Well, we are very sure that everyone does. It's like receiving a gift even though its not your   birthday! Superb, right? Stating the obvious, yes, we are giveaway addicts. We think we've joined EVERY blog giveaway of EVERY blogger here in the Philippines and some even internationally. The concept that they are FREE made us become addicted to it.

That's the reason why we come up with this blog. We would share our happiness in joining such giveaways. So if you are interested on winning giveaways this year, we suggest you should follow us now! Also, we would like to share some tips and guides about giveaways, food, fashion, beauty, DIYs, chill spots, everything under the sun. Yeah, we don't have a specific topic, that’s why everyone is welcome in our blog.

P. S. Since we already experience winning, we now want to experience the joy of giving. :)

- sam and dovi


  1. You know, I'll always be your stalker. :D

  2. Wishing you guys the best of luck! Kudos! :)

  3. well then welcome to the blogosphere cutie,
    looking forward to see more of you,
    best of luck
    and by the way thanks a lot
    for that top 10 sulit must haves you did

    1. good to here that from you! Thank you! keep supporting our blog! :)