Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Diary of a Giveaway Addict 2012

Holla! I don't know how to start this! Haha! Maybe I'll just introduce myself first. I am Dovi Amor Sabong, currently in my 4th year in college. That's it! I'm now ready to start my post! Hmmmm, how did I become a giveaway addict?

I am a giveaway addict since birth!


No! I'm just kidding! Well, here's my diary:

"A Diary of a Giveaway Addict 2012"

My blockmate told me that the famous celebrity netizen, Tim Yap was giving away Avril Lavigne: The Black Star Tour concert tickets in his #YAP4GRABS. All we have to do was to tweet him a pick-up line. Since I am an avid fan of Avril Lavigne (It's a daaaaaaamn coooooold night!), I asked for some pick-up lines from my blockmates and tweeted them to @officialTIMYAP.  I was doing that while we were having classes! (Don't ever try to do that! That's bad! :D)

February 14
A very important day for me! 
I went for a road trip in Laguna and Tagaytay with some of my blockmates. On our way to Manila, I received a call from a friend. She told me that Tim Yap announced the winners and luckily, I was one of them. Guess what? I was screaming inside the car! Superrr!

Thinking that "that" woke up my I-LOVE-FREEBIES veins?
No, no, no, you're wrong! Actually, Sam is the one who triggered my giveaway addiction. When she told me that she won in a giveaway in Multiply, I said to myself, "Hey! You should win too!" Haha! So I started to join every giveaway.

I don't care about what I am going to receive, as long as it is free. 

July 29
FV Boutique announced that I won 3 fashionable rings in their giveaway.

Wondering why I only had 2 rings? I gave one of them to Sam. :)

September 17 announced their winner in her 2NE1 giveaway. Oh well, I am the winner. But honestly, I am not a fan of 2NE1, not even a fan of KPOP music.
Asking why did I join?

I don't care about what I am going to receive, as long as it is free. 

So I just gave those goodies to a friend who is a fan of the girl group.

October 12
I received a package containing a coupon from Greenwich. Yosh, free foods!!!! :D

October 22
I received Philippine Fashion Week e-invites from Manila Shopper in my email.

November 1
I got another invites for Global Bazaar 2012 from Wonder Scribbler of When In Manila.

November 17
Couch Wasabi sent me a tweet saying that I won in her blog giveaway. I received Virginia Olsen Minerals sample kit.

November 28
Fact: I am proud Globe Subscriber ever since!
I tweeted @enjoyGLOBE about how satisfied I am with their services. In the afternoon, I received a DM from them saying that as a Thank You Gift, they gave me 2 movie passes.

December 6
Another package was delivered, a Cetaphil Sample Pack. Until now, I don't know where it is from. Whoever you are, thank you! 

December 11
Ms. Joyce Sola of CandyLoveArt announced that I won a consolation prize in her giveaway. That consolation prize was L’Oreal goodies.

December 21
I won P1000 worth of Sentro 1771 GC from Ms. Mimai Cabugnason of When In Manila. She is the first blogger I saw personally. I could remember her cute violet hair! 
I forgot to take a picture of the GC because I used it right after my meet-up with Ms. Mimai.

December 22
I was one of the winners of The Wicked Ying's Firmoo Glasses giveaway. I gave those to my elder brother.

December 30
I found out that I won passes from The Araneta Center wherein I can bring three of my girl friends to an exclusive Ladies Night.

That party was held on February 17, 2012. Too late! 

Giveaway Tip: Always check the announcement of winners of the blog or page of the giveaway you joined. :D

So that's it!

Again, I wanna say...


To all the generous bloggers out there! :)

Lots of freebies, right? I'm pretty sure that everyone has I-LOVE-FREEBIES veins in their bodies. Included in that EVERYONE is YOU
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Let's all scream and shout...

Amour Pour Cadeaux!!!


  1. wow you really love giveawyas huh
    and lucky you

  2. thank you MEcoy and Glenn! watch out for our first blog giveaway! will post the mechanics later! :)