Friday, December 20, 2013

Peekawoo's Sunset Roofdeck Party

You can’t hurry love nor you don’t have to wait.

Peekawoo, a social networking speed dating website, chat roulette and game all -in-one wherein girls can feel safe to chat with guys across the globe promoting fun, friendly and wholesome chatting has launched on September 2013 is having the very first Roofdeck Sunset Mixer on January 4, 2014.

What is Peekawoo?

Peekawoo is a speed dating website, chat roulette and game all in one. This is a website made by girls where girls can feel safe to chat with guys across the globe. fun, friendly and wholesome chatting.

5 Reasons to Peekawoo

1. Try something new and different

2. You know what they fondly say nowadays – You only live once! If you’re looking into meeting new people to network or just chill, you’d probably get to find it through speed dating. We’re all pretty much connected with one another; go ahead, try it.

3. Too busy to date, spare a night and meet more.

4. Always working? we feel you. Peekawoo is the new way of connecting with like-minded individuals who are in-need of a breather and something far from working.

5. Chivalry is not dead.

Me? I would love to join this mixer just to have fun! And for experience. Just like what they said, "You only live once!" and I want to explore and experience everything. :)

What will happen in the Roofdeck Sunset Mixer?

Just like a usual speed dating, ladies will be well seated while the men move on their rounds to meet every one of them. The gentlemen will be on their best self, best behavior. If they didn’t, ladies can honestly fill that comment form and rent them.

Foods, booze and some giveaways from different sponsors like VMV Hypoallergenic will be distributed for both men and women. Plus, you might meet your possible perfect match. Sounds good, right?

Note: Peekawoo will respect your privacy and won’t be giving away your details not unless you voluntarily exchange with your potential perfect match. Just have fun, and meet new pals!

Stop wishing.
Start doing.
There will be no false pretenses, no need to worry about possible threats.
Get to meet confident, attractive and interesting Peekawoo participants.

Games will be played and a lucky man will be dating a lucky girl

To participate for Peekawoo’s Roofdeck Sunset Mixer event, register through The fee is Php 250.

For more information, you may log-in through Facebook and message Peekawoo or tweet @Peekawooapp.

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