Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Outfit Post: Dare to be Daring

I just love this dress! :)

On the day that these photos were taken,
my family and I had attended a fiesta celebration at Jade Valley Restaurant.

At the entrance of the restaurant, pose pose din sa tabi ng horses, hoping that it will bring luck! :D

My favorite! Haha Backless! )

I am not used to seeing myself in this type of outfit. Haha. I don't usually wear backless in this type of occassions. But I had fun experimenting my look hahaha.

Thank you to my cousin, Cess, for taking these photos and for teaching me how to pose hahaha :D
And thank you to my mom who bought my dress and that necklace with feathers :))

***segue time***

that dress is now for sale at My Secret Lair!!!! :)

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