Monday, May 20, 2013

Drowning Equilibriums: 2013 Giveaway: I AM GIRLIE Accessories!

From: Drowning Equilibriums

I've been a client of I AM GIRLIE way before blogging, way before Chictopia. Tagal na noh grabe. I've always been a fan of her merchandise. Anyway, after all these years I'm still wearing Girlie's labor of love and it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you Girlie for sticking with me too! You are one of the few who stuck with me through these years:) As a token, she sent some pretty accessories that 1 of you could win! 


1. Must be a reader of this blog.

2. Follow I AM GIRLIE:
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*Don't forget to share I AM GIRLIE's link!

4. Leave your name, email and URL of your post below:)

Contest ends May 23, 2013. Goodluck!:)


  1. Valerie Lim Embate

  2. Ma Jasmin Fernando

  3. Crissy Sherlaine R. Sayo

  4. Chrizle Rombaoa

  5. Vanessa Rose Palacio