Sunday, April 21, 2013

Product Review: A Bonné Yogurt Milk Cream Soap

"Wonder product for a white , radiant and firming skin enriched with Milk Protein, Yogurt and Co Q10. Perfectly cleanse skin surface and pore leaving a sensation of firm, smooth and flexible skin. It restorea elasticity and lifting to
skin. Your skin tone will become lightened with a smooth and luminous look."

Direction: Clean and nourish your face and body by gently rubbing the soap covered with delicate foam, then rinse off. Your skin will absorb the protein extracts and will be cleansed, nourished and moisturized. After daily use, your skin will have a radiant glow and its tone gradually and naturally lightened.

Packaging: It is packed in a pink and white box. The packing is complete with details and according to it, the soap is manufactured in Thailand. I like the packaging because the box shimmers. Haha. The soap weighs 90 grams as packed.

Price: P 75.00 ($ 1.84) Based on Watson's

The details on the box says so many promises such as "extra moisturizing", "whitening and firming", etc. Let's see if those promises were true based on my personal experience with the soap.

Yogurt Milk Cream Soap....... this will surely make my skin softer, that's what I thought of instantly. Unlike Dove, which is also a cream soap, it is not greasy. Its scent is like yogurt, sweet.

I used the soap whenever I took a bath in the morning and at night. I won't recommend you to lather it for more that 2 mins because it may 'cause itchiness on your skin, just like what happened to me. Hahaha.

Let's check if it was able to fulfill its promises......

Cleanse. Yes! I can feel it everytime i use the soap.

Smooth and Flexible Skin...... yes!!!!

Whitening and Firming...... My skin tone lightened.

Extra Moisturizing...... If you'll observe, in all my reviews, I don't use lotion/moisturizer whenever I review a product, so that I will know if it can really moisturize, and with this product............ check!

Overall, I will recommend this product to all of you!

Rate: 9/10

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  1. hi :) gusto ko itry yung soap, effective ba talaga sya? gano katagal bago mo napansin yung maglighten ng skin mo? :)

  2. gano katagal bago naglighten yung skin mo? :)