Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Diary of a Giveaway Addict 2012 Part 2

Hey guys! It's Part 2 of  "A Diary of a Giveaway Addict"! Why Part 2 you may ask?  Simply because its now my turn to tell you how I became a giveaway maniac. ;)


The name is Sam Bermudez. 20y/o. BS Accountancy student.
It all started with my overwhelming love for freebies. You know, just typical teenager attitude. "Libre mo ko non. Libre mo ko nyan." In short, MUKHANG LIBRE. Haha! Yes, Dovi and I are the most kuripot persons you'll ever meet! :D

Wanna know how addicted I am to giveaways? Check out my giveaway diary! :)

March 19

It was our Auditing Theories class and I was really bored so I decided to just connect to the university WiFi and browse the web. Upon opening my mail, this is what welcomed me.

I won P500 Multiply GC from Ms. Sarah Tirona!

Oh my God! I actually cannot believe it! I checked it a lot of times thinking maybe it was just a spam or something. But its not! Hell yeah! :D For a lady who totally loves online shopping, this is a prize I totally dig!

Having something for free feels really really really good. I decided to search for giveaways and join each one! :)

June 3

I won a free milk tea from my ever favorite Cha Dao Tea Place! (You guys should try Cha Yen with pudding! Best I've ever tasted!)

October 15

As I was just starting to collect spikes accessories, I found out I won these goodies from Spike Aen! Lucky me! :)

October 23

I won tickets to the premiere night of The Three Stooges. Thanks to SM Megamall!

October 30 

My first time to eat at Yabu: House of Katsu, all thanks to Sisters in Style! I used the GC's during my birthday date with my boyfriend. Birthday treat! :)

November 12

I was actually shocked to see this in my twitter interactions cause I didn't know I joined such contest. But then, thanks still to SM Cinema Megamall for the DormBoys premiere invites!

November 28

Just like Dovi, I tweeted @enjoyGLOBE  my thanks for their excellent service, and by afternoon, they gave us both a pair of free movie passes! We used it to watch Paranormal Activity 4. ;)

December 10

This day was a very happy day indeed. Why? Because I won two giveaways all in one day! :)

First was Bloggers United ticket from David Guison! (The inner shopohalic in me was very happy with this. Mehehe)

Second was a Belle De Jour planner from Eastwood Mall! Was very happy with this 'cause planners nowadays are very much pricey. :)

December 28

This is my favorite from all the prizes I've won! P2000 worth of Forever 21 GC from SM MOA! The best part was I get to shop with my favorite blogger, Ms. Vern Enciso!! Something special before the year ended :)

Shopping with Ms. Vern Enciso!

So well, that's my diary. Did I trigger your love for giveaways as well? :) Follow us now to be updated with the latest giveaways! Plus, we'll be having giveaweays for you too! (its time to give back!)

I'm Sam, and I'm a Certified Giveaway Maniac! :)


  1. wow you are so lucky!!

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    1. hahaha thank you! did you join our ongoing giveaway? maybe you'll find your luck there! :)

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    1. thank you MEcoy! seems like you're really enjoying reading our blog :)